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A k-9 public charter school.
Ann Walther

Ann Walther

Special Education Assistant

Anna Walther is from the Emerald Isle, which is the poetic name for Ireland, due to its lush green countryside.  It is located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain, Ireland’s only bordering Country. 

Anna has travelled extensively in Europe and also to a number of the States in the USA.    She lived in Corfu, which is a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea. She worked there as a Scuba Diver teaching beginners to scuba dive and snorkeling and to the wonders of the ocean.  Anna was a Paralegal in Ireland which she found extremely interesting. She also worked in her husband’s family business, which was a great Irish Pub; no TV, lots of music, chat and fun especially when there was an Impromptu sing along session.

Anna’s hobbies are going to the gym, cycling, hiking and meeting new people, which is how she met her husband in UT. She has a diploma in Physical Fitness.  Anna loves reading and gardening. She also loves watching a good thriller and going to the Opera.

Anna adores being around her two amazing grandsons, who are very energetic. She is delighted to be working at ELA and looking forward to sharing her love of learning and children in her new role.

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