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A k-9 public charter school.
Ashley Tanner

Ashley Tanner

1st Grade Teacher

Ashley Tanner was born in Oklahoma but grew up primarily in Colorado. She began her college education at Rick's College before transferring to BYU, where she earned a teaching degree. Today she lives with her husband and four kids. For the past several years Ashley has spent many hours volunteering at her children's school and enjoyed it so much that she eventually decided she'd like to work there. Ashley taught kindergarten for three years and 1st grade for one. She has taught the most amazing students. Ashley loves to travel and spent several weeks in Germany when she was in high school. She hopes to one day be able to travel more regularly and visit places all over the world. When she's not at school, she enjoys singing and playing music. She loves to cook and enjoys learning new cooking skills and trying new recipes. She also loves to read and has a difficult time putting a good book down once she picks it up. On nights when she's not driving her kids around to their different activities, or helping them with their homework, she loves to go out to dinner and see a movie.

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