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A k-9 public charter school.
Deidre Nelson

Deidre Nelson

4th Grade Teacher

Deidre grew up in Monroe Falls, Ohio and in Holladay, Utah. Both her parents were teachers when she was growing up. She now resides in Lehi, Utah near Thanksgiving Point. She has been married for 23 years and has 5 amazing and amusing children ages 9 years to 21 years old. She graduated with an Elementary Education degree with emphasis on Interdisciplinary Studies. While working towards her teaching degree, she also worked as an elementary aide and substitute teacher. As a parent, she also volunteered in dozens of classrooms and on charter boards. She loves to engage students through dialogue, inquiry, projects and hands-on learning experiences. 

She enjoys a variety of books including historical and science-fiction. A few of her favorite things include public radio programs, live theater, camping, traveling, and eating out with friends especially if it involves sushi or curry. 

What Deidre loves about ELA: history emphasis, plenty of arts and technology, and a culture of service. She previously worked with the fearless first graders who showered her with hugs and candid questions. Now she is on a new path working with the imaginative fourth graders! 

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