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A k-9 public charter school.
Doran Brooks

Doran Brooks

Junior High Science Teacher

Doran was born and raised in May Pen, Jamaica. During his time in Jamaica he spent most of his time working at his parent’s restaurant, going hiking and playing cricket. After completing high school, he migrated to Fairfield, CA to live with his father. 

While living in California, Doran found his love for volleyball, road tripping and photography. He coached several volleyball teams and has even assisted with coaching ELA’s boys and girls volleyball teams in the past. 

 Doran attended Brigham Young University- Idaho, where he enjoyed the wide-open space and natural wonders that Idaho had to offer. He realized early on in high school his love for Biology and decided to study Biology as his major. However, after his freshman year he discovered Exercise Physiology and decided to change course in order to become a Physical Therapist but couldn’t resist the urge to take a biology class every semester even when some of them weren’t necessary for his degree. He earned his B.S in Exercise Physiology and after 7 months of successfully shadowing and working with a therapist, he came full circle and realized that it was indeed the biology/physiology in his major that he loved and excelled the most in.

 Doran is excited to teach and what better place is there to begin that journey than Early Light Academy!

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