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A k-9 public charter school.
Ed McFee

Ed McFee

Science Teacher

Ed was born and raised in rural, upstate New York. Though coming from a family of teachers, he chose to major in biology and minor in chemistry while at Colgate University. It was while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa that he discovered a love for teaching middle and high schoolers, even the ones who sat in the front row and ate live cane larvae.  After returning to the States, Ed worked in college admissions before earning his secondary science teaching certificates and an M.S.Ed. degree from Binghamton University.

Ed has been teaching chemistry, earth science and physics for over 20 years and now brings his depth of experience and background to Early Light Academy.  He and his wife, Michele, have four grown children, all of whom have waited patiently in the car while dad collected rock and mineral specimens from roadcuts around the northeast. Three of the four are currently in earth-science related fields, so the love of earth history must have worn off.

Ed and his wife have explored the Erie Canal and its laterals and have immersed themselves in the social, military and geologic history of New York State. Now they plan to search for the lesser- known stories of the people and places in Utah and surrounding states. When not traveling, Ed enjoys reading about the men and women of science whose insight and creativity forged new discoveries about the natural world.

Ed is excited to be teaching at Early Light Academy. He looks forward to sharing his love of science and teaching and for the opportunity to learn from a great group of teachers and students.    

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