A k-9 public charter school.
General Information

Early Light Academy

is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in kindergarten through ninth grade.

At full capacity, ELA will have 1030 students. In kindergarten through sixth grade, there will be four classes per grade with approximately 26 students in each class. Junior high class sizes vary, but typically average about 26 students per class. ELA runs on a modified traditional school year schedule. There is not a year-round track option.

History Focus

At ELA, we strive to improve student learning by creating a learning environment that stimulates inquiry, supports comprehension, and encourages mastery. History is our chosen curricular emphasis. In the strictest sense, history is the study of specific events, persons, and places of the past. ELA curriculum emphasizes historical inquiry, which fosters active thinking and engages students in the journey of education. Students also become familiar with significant events and individuals of the past, identifying patterns of change over time, and analyzing the relationship of the past to the present. Careful consideration of historical facts promotes critical thinking skills. Such engagement encourages each student to take responsibility for learning, providing ELA students with the skills for a smooth transition to high school as well as motivation for life-long learning and responsible citizenship.


The mission of the Early Light Academy is to deliver a high-quality education with a deep, rich, and engaging curriculum utilizing effective instructional techniques and emphasizing history, taking our students from the Stone Age to the Space Age, the Information Age, and beyond.

Understanding history sheds light on our future. Our actions today will impact our tomorrow.

Desired Results of Student Learning

-ELA students will be responsible leaders

-ELA students will show consistent proficiency and growth in core subjects.

-ELA students will be proficient with technology.

Find our Charter, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws [here], [here], & [here].

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