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A k-9 public charter school.
Jack Harper

Jack Harper

3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Harper is excited to be your teacher! Hailing from Alabama, Jack plans on using his diverse background in History, Politics, and Spanish to give students at Early Light Academy a unique perspective on the world and their role in it. He is particularly interested in making learning engaging and meeting his students where they are.

Mr. Harper spent the last year substitute teaching and is excited to get a class of his very own. His experience ranges from helping with summer camps, working on fishing boats in Alaska, tutoring students with Dyslexia, and leading students on outdoor trips. A new passion of his is working as a Snowboard instructor at Brighton Ski Resort on the weekends.

He loves traveling around the world, playing soccer, climbing, and being outdoors. He finds special pleasure in hanging out on his patio and reading a book with his cat running around.

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