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A k-9 public charter school.
Jenny McNees

Jenny McNees

Special Education Assistant, Grades 7-9

Jenny grew up in West Jordan but has lived in South Jordan for about 9 years now.  She has been married for 16 years and has five darling, smart, amazing, and occasionally naughty children.   Four of them attend ELA and one attends Kauri Sue Hamilton in Riverton.  For the past 13 years, She has been able to stay at home with her kids during the day and has filled her spare time with various odd jobs.  She has worked as a wedding videographer, daycare provider, foster parent, piano teacher, and has also spent the last couple of years as a student at the community college. 

Her hobbies include reading, traveling, learning new things, hanging out with her family and friends, watching movies, long walks on the beach (long walks anywhere really…but the beach is ideal), and striving for world peace…or at least less arguing at her own house.

Over the past few years she has gotten to know and love so many of the staff, parents and students at ELA.

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