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A k-9 public charter school.
Joellen Olsen

Joellen Olsen

2nd Grade Teacher

Joellen Olsen was born and raised in Riverton, Utah. She graduated from Bingham High, met her husband while attending Brigham Young University, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. For her, learning has been a lifelong pursuit.

Children have always been part of her life. Joellen is excited to be part of the Early Light team so that she can assist in making each day a pleasant and stimulating experience for her students. She has worked with the K-12 curriculum and loves the hands on approach and engaging activities. She enjoys all facets of teaching, and feels that a positive experience in school and a love of learning will benefit children throughout their entire lives.

Joellen and her husband, David, have five children and eleven grandchildren who are the joy of her life. She enjoys music, family history, playing games, reading, good movies and supporting her children in their activities. Her favorite Broadway musical is Wicked. She has lived in Utah, California, Texas and Mississippi She has visited most of the states in the continental US as well as Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

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