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A k-9 public charter school.
Keith Phinney

Keith Phinney

8th Grade Math Teacher

Keith Phinney is a California native and grew up in Foster City (a suburb of San Francisco).  After a pretty happy-go-lucky childhood, Keith attended Humboldt State University to be a Forestry major.  When he realized forestry was more "tree farmer" than forest ranger, he started taking a wide range of classes in natural sciences but was always drawn to his love of history and his ability in math.  Realizing he needed to graduate eventually, and looking at his fairly random transcript, he chose math over history as it would let him graduate the soonest.  He has a BA in Math Education (but still reads lots of history!). 

He immediately put his degree "on the shelf" and pursued a career in ministry that spanned 24 years and added another degree to his resume (an MA in Pastoral Studies).  He and his wife served university students on campuses throughout the west and in Asia.  Speaking of his wife, she is a high school guidance counselor and together, they have three children who are all "out of the nest" (two nurses and one college student/Trader Joe's crew member). 

His love for math reignited when his children started asking for help with their math homework.  He transitioned to teaching in 2014 and loves seeing students "get it"!  He will teach 8th grade math.

When not teaching, he tries to be outside - walking (with his labradoodle, Kelly), hiking, camping, stargazing, gardening . . .again, be outside!  

Random Tidbits - He wears tie-dye every day he can, is a Hufflepuff, still likes building Lego sets, wants to swim with dolphins, grades A LOT of student work at Starbucks and hopes that one of his students will go to Mars one day.

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