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A k-9 public charter school.
Mary Cannon

Mary Cannon

2nd Grade Teacher

Mary graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor degree in Humanities and minor in Art History. Though Art History remains one of her passions, she has developed an enthusiasm for education through her involvement with the creation of Early Light Academy. During the first year of ELA, Mary had the opportunity to work on the Fine Arts Committee, allowing her to help establish a strong tradition of art integration at ELA including Tanner Dance, Art Inspirations Program, Art in a Box, and the University of Utah ArtsBridge Film Project. In May of 2015 she finished a 5 year term serving on the Board of ELA, most recently. 

As the mother of six, children—Mary is actively involved in her children’s education and has loved the occasion to help in the classroom. Her favorite was teaching the Great Artist Program in her kids’ classes. She enjoys teaching children in a variety of capacities and has a great admiration for teachers, their many talents and the many hours they spend on behalf of their students. Mary finished out the 2017 school year teaching 4th grade, has spent a few years as a substitute teacher, taught 5th grade full-time and is excited for a new adventure teaching  2nd grade at ELA this year.  

Mary’s other passions include reading, baking, swimming, water polo, soccer, theatre and dance (basically, whatever her kids are involved in).

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