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A k-9 public charter school.
Mathew Sherwood

Mathew Sherwood

Career & Technical Education Teacher

Mathew Sherwood was born in Michigan where he enjoyed the wonderful Great Lakes and all the fun outdoor activities that go along with them. He attended Michigan State University and received his Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications with a minor in Business. After college he and his soon to be wife, Sarah packed up and moved to South Carolina to enjoy some sun and experience life in the south. While in South Carolina he worked as an IT specialist for the school district in the small historic town of Abbeville where his wife eventually became the mayor. While working for the school district Mathew learned of his desire to teach children and eventually transitioned into being a CTE teacher who taught engineering and computer classes. After two years of teaching and the end of his wife's term as mayor the couple decided to embark on a new adventure and move west, the mountains were calling. Utah is home now for Mathew where he looks forward to teaching 7th-9th graders at Early Light Academy. When he’s not teaching you can find him snowboarding, camping, hiking or anything outdoors with his wife and two dogs, Bailey and Charlie.

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