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A k-9 public charter school.
Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

Junior High Language Arts Teacher

Nathan S. Jones was born in Salt Lake City and moved around all over the Western United States. People ask if his parents were in the military. 'No,' he responds. 'They were just adventurous people.' 

Nathan graduated from high school in Mesa, Arizona. He earned his B.A. in English Literature at the University of Utah, his Masters of Education at Utah State University, and he is trying to complete his dissertation for a Doctorate in Educational Innovation and New Literacies at the University of Northern Colorado.

Now an 18 year 'veteran' teacher, he first started teaching in South Central Los Angeles, California, while simultaneously pursuing a dream in acting and writing for Film. Though Hollywood BEGGED him to stay----lol----he returned to Utah to continue teaching, because he simply loves it. A published author (e.g. children's book, 'The Boy Who Ate America,' 2007, and the teen urban fantasy, 'Dragonkyn,' 2017), Nathan enjoys writing stories, hiking and being with his wife and five children (NOT in that order :). 

One interesting thing about Nathan is that he is a TRIPLET. Yes. He has two brothers his same age, who, along with most of his five sisters, still live in the Phoenix, Arizona valley.

He is very happy to have been invited to join the Early Light Academy community!

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