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A k-9 public charter school.
Shannon Berry

Shannon Berry

Curriculum Director/Instructional Coach

Shannon Berry has been working with children since she was 13 years old. She graduated from Indiana State University and has been a classroom teacher in Indiana, California, and Utah. She has taught grades 4-6th as well as preschool dance, and P.E. for home-schooled children of all ages, but none of those experiences has been as wonderful as working at ELA!!

Shannon is a leader and advocate for the integration of fine arts throughout the school. For the last decade she has served  as the school’s District Arts Coordinator and helps teachers integrate the arts in their classrooms.  Shannon also is the chairperson of the culture committee at school which organizes such activities as History Fair, Day in History, Culture Night, and other school wide traditions.

Shannon currently serves as Early Light Academy’s Instructional Coach and Curriculum Director.  She supports teachers in areas such as curriculum, student engagement, behavior management, and professional development.  She enjoys working with a variety of students and teachers helping everyone at ELA  reach their full potential.

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