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A k-9 public charter school.
Zach Speed

Zach Speed

5th Grade Teacher

Zach, was raised in Texas and moved to Utah for his college education and decided to make Utah his home after falling in love with the mountains. He graduated at Utah Valley University in 2017 with his bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation. Before discovering his love for teaching Zach’s first declared major was in music as a vocal performer. He then learned to fly an airplane while at UVU and discovered that ‘what goes up must down’ and sometimes the hard way. Zach’s final ditch career effort was in Healthcare Administration, because the human body fascinates him, only to discover the healthcare field does not currently focus on health prevention, which is where his passion lies. But, thanks to his experience pursuing various interests and also having 20 nieces and nephews (17 are girls) he at last discovered, like a treasure, teaching and his love for kids, who really are the reason he enjoys teaching so much.


In his spare time Zach enjoys being physically active. During the winter you may find him carving around you on a snowboard and during the warmer months you may see him hiking with determination to peak a mountain summit. He still sings as often as he can in the car and at the apartment when his roommate isn’t home. He also enjoys bodybuilding, yoga, and even golf.

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